Dear visitors,

This site is still under construction.
The main general articles (histories of the factories, notes of the mechanisms, etc.) are written.
But I am only at the beginning of my project to present 2000 notes of particular watches and clocks (1000 pieces of my collection plus 1000 other models).
It is only when these notes are online that this site will offer a sufficiently complete (although not exhaustive) panorama of the Soviet watch production.

This site is in French.
This perfect language has excellent rules that exude elegance, harmony and bon goût but, for some mysterious reason, speakers of all languages except French find its rules absurd and ridiculous.

To help these unfortunates navigate my site, (and in particular use the search tool), I must point out few particular transcriptions:

The « u » as it is pronounced in almost all languages is transcribed in French « ou ».
So : « Soyuz » becomes « Soyouz »; « Saliut » becomes « Saliout », « Ural » becomes « Oural », etc.

The Russian « Ч », which is usually transcribed « ch », is transcribed « tch » in French.
So : « Chistopol » becomes « Tchistopol », « Chaika » becomes « Tchaïka », « Cheliabinsk » becomes « Tchéliabinsk », etc.

In French, the sounds [i] and [j] are sometimes transcribed « y », sometimes « i », according some delightful rules which I unfortunately do not have time to share with you. If in doubt, try the « i » first (for example: « Komandirskie »).

Best regards and good visit